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Definition:  RFO is short for Request for Order.   This hearing is used to establish interim orders pending a full trial on your divorce and is unique to California Family Law.  These hearings will have different names in different states.   Previously these hearings were referred to as “OSC”s or Order to Show Causes, which were posted earlier before the name change.  RFO’s establish orders relating to custody, visitation, child and spousal support, and attorney fees, among other issues.

Effect:  While these hearings are used for interim orders, if you are served with an RFO do not take the hearing lightly.    Since it is difficult to obtain a trial date which can be months or even years out, the hearing can set the tone of the case for several months or years.   Once the Orders are entered they can be difficult to renegotiate or change.   Prepare a Response to the RFO immediately on the appropriate Judicial Council forms or hire an attorney.



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